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The Menopause Mobile

Hey Ladies,

So it’s official, hubby and I purchased a new vehicle this weekend for me to drive in Houston. My  20005 Subaru Outback Turbo has now been designated as the beach car and she makes a great one since she’s the perfect height to load our paddle boards or bikes on. We had a lot of trouble with her this year due to the turbo( which may explain why they don’t make the Outbacks  with turbos anymore) and she has more than 100,000 miles on her now. We broke her in 3 days after buying her in 2005 by driving and camping all around Utah for 3 weeks, with 3 bikes on top, 2 coolers full of food in the back seat, tons of bottles of water, and a tent in the back. Needless to say she has been good to us and it was time to give her some rest.

We were originally looking for a 2015 Subaru Outback( what can I say I love my Subies) but hubby wanted me to look at the 2015 Toyota Highlanders and I pretty much stuck my fingers in my ears and did the lalalala…I can’t hear you,… lalala. I had a one track mind and it was running in the direction of a new Subaru. I appeased him and test drove both but my bum just felt at home in the drivers seat of that Subaru.  Problem was none of the dealerships in Houston or Pensacola had more than one or two and they weren’t in the colors I liked and/or they didn’t have navigation. This girl wanted nav and Bluetooth after having a 2005 with nothing but AM/FM and a CD player for 10 years, hahaha.  We did find one Subaru we liked with everything I wanted, hubby emailed back and forth with a gentleman at the dealership about it and by the time we got there to buy it…it had been sold :-(. I was heartbroken and mad since I had asked him the night before when we saw it at the dealership( it was a Sunday so not open) that what happened if somebody bought it before we got to it? He kept calling me Negative Nancy and I just told him I was being realistic.

Anyway, we always say everything happens for a reason and that has pertained to a lot of aspects in our lives these last few years. If things didn’t happen the way they did we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We also always say  ” If it’s meant to be, it will be there, if not, than it wasn’t meant to be.” Sometimes it’s easier to swallow the latter than other times, this was one of those times. Well,… he was right about the Toyota * grumbling under my breath*.   I just happen to be at a stop light and I saw a white Toyota Highlander go by and thought, well that looks snazzy. Now mind you, my hubby loves his cars in white, both of our Subaru’s are white and I wasn’t going to buy a third white Subie so I was looking for another color in that car.  Soooo, needless to say, when we got here to Pensacola this Labor Day weekend we once again headed to the Subaru dealership and once again…nothing.  We went ahead and  got the card of one of the gentlemen there who said he would see what he could do and  then went over across the street to the Toyota dealerhip just to test drive the white Highlander( yes we got IT in white, lol, happy hubby). There was one major selling point besides all the other bells and whistles that sold me. Now to all of you ladies out there with horrible hot flashes that take over your whole body from head to hooha listen up…Are you listening???  The seats didn’t only heat up for the winter but…they cooled too. I put that puppy on level 3 and it was nice and cool in seconds. I didn’t care what else this car had at this point, I would have bought it just for the cooled seats. It was pure heaven I tell you, pure heaven. Toyota dealerships around the world better watch out because I have a feeling there will be a lot of hot and bothered ladies running, not walking, to check this out.

So, as you can probably guess I didn’t go for the Subie after all.  We  bought the Highlander that will fan my bum nicely when needed, hence the nickname I gave it, the Menopause Mobile, lol. It will take some getting used to although I felt pretty comfy driving it yesterday. I have already enjoyed the Bluetooth both for the music and receiving text from the hubby and not having to wait until I get home or stop at a light to see what he text  me. I will have to see how I feel driving it around the crazy city of Houston.  I’m sure once I turn those seats on I will be just fine ;-).

As for those pesky hot flashes, I’m on day 13 of the new regimen and still having them every 25-45 minutes, if I’m lucky an hour thrown in here or there. I got spoiled a few times this weekend with sleeping at least a whole 3 hours before one kicked in. However, I wasn’t so lucky last night, up every hour on the hour starting at 1:50 a.m. and at one moment woke up to late and was sweating, fun times…fun times. I’m hoping that this new regimen kicks in soon because this girl needs her sleep. I still did my workout of T25 yesterday and today, no skipping no matter how tired I am. I always feel better afterwards, even if I have a hot flash in the middle of the workout and sweat even more than normal, it’s all worth it. I hope to hear from you girls. If you have any questions about anything just leave a comment and I will try and answer the best I can. If there are any ladies in the Houston area let me know if you want the info of my doctor, she’s well worth the drive to Sugar Land, Texas.

I know all of you ladies out there going through this know this is definitely not for sissies. Again, just know you’re not alone. Do your research if something doesn’t feel right, ask your doctor questions that you may have about something you read. It never hurts to ask, it hurts more not to ask is my motto.  If you have a doctor like I had in the past that didn’t like you asking questions it’s time to find a new one.  Preferably one that does bioidentical hormones and not a one size fits all patch or worse yet a synthetic progesterone that is made of pregnant mare urine( premarin)  or Provera. I had to go through a few bad apples to find the good one in the bunch, one that listens.  According to my doctor, this is the number one most important thing when it comes to your health and well-being. Don’t do what I did and stay with a doctor out of desperation. Call the closest compounding pharmacy near you and find out the best bioidentical hormone doctor in your area since they are the ones that work the closest with these doctors since they are the ones making your hormones for you. I want to thank the lady who gave me that info a month ago via email and I actually found her by reading comments on a blog.  This was part of  my inspiration for starting my own blog and I’m really hoping my blog helps somebody. {{HUGS}} but not a long hug because we both might start getting to hot, hahaha. Good Luck Ladies!!!




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Hot and Bothered and not in a good way ^_~

Hello to all those ladies out there that have started early menopause like me and are searching for a place and a person who just might be able to help and/or understand what we are going through. This is my first time doing a blog but I’m hoping by doing this it will not only help me but help other young ladies out there going through the same thing.

For me it all started in December of 2012 at the age of 39 when I got my first horrible hot flash and just went downhill from there. I started this “because” I have had a hard time finding people to talk to and understand what it’s like going through this when you didn’t expect it for another 10 years. I get a lot of pats on the shoulder like “Oh honey, you think you’re in menopause but you’re way to young to even know what that is.” I feel like I need to have my blood test and saliva results handy with me at all times to let people know that it’s not all in my head. I get the whole ” Wow, you’re so young though, are you sure?” According to some people I don’t look 41 so that makes it even harder because everybody thinks I’m younger than I am. Having a hot flash and sweating when you’re talking to a total stranger is no fun either. Try holding on a conversation without trying to fan yourself( hooha included, hahaha)as to not draw unwanted attention and questions. Not an easy task I tell ya and sometimes I just can’t bear it and have to pull out a random piece of paper out of my purse and just start fanning, lol.

I did start bioidentical hormones at the beginning of 2012 or so I thought. Come to find out the doctor gave me one of the worst synthetic hormones out there, Provera. I took that for 5 days and gained 5-6 lbs within days. He said it was water weight but I have yet to lose it all. Then he put me on bromocriptine to keep me ovulating even though my body had no eggs to ovulate with. It did help with the hot flashes but nothing else. I stopped taking it and by the time Sept. of 2013 the hot flashes were back with a vengeance. I found another bioidentical hormone doctor in Pensacola, one of only 2 there and she was the only one that took my insurance. Her bedside manner was so bad from day one that I went home and googled her to see if I was the only one that thought so and come to find out I was not. Anyway, I stuck with her because at this point I was desperate to stop sweating and sleep a whole nights sleep,I wanted to stop feeling like I wanted to punch something or someone and crying all the time. After some tweaking a few times we got the amount right for my progesterone capsules and estrogen/testosterone cream. Only problem was it helped with the hot flashes and anxiety but not the libido and energy levels. Not to mention I gained 8 lbs. I went from 144 to 152. She said that the libido thing was all in my head and weight gain was just part of menopause. Bull honkey is what I say to that. I had to have a D&C due to the extra estrogen and having a period every 2 weeks and had the Novasure Ablasion while I was at it. I bled for 7 weeks after the surgeries and was told by the doctor that did it that maybe I should ask my hormone doctor to up my progesterone. Well, at this time I had already asked her to change my progesterone from capsule to cream because of the effects on the liver. She didn’t like the fact that I was doing my own research and instead of upping my progesterone she just dumped me like a hot potato. I was given the name of another doctor supposedly a bioidentical hormone doctor but turns out he was far from it and talked down to me worse than the first doctor and tried to start me on a one size fits all estrogen patch. Can we say crazy boohoo’s for nothing a day after sticking that thing to my body? No thank you. A few days after that I had to change the patch to a new one and the next day hubby and I were on our way to Aruba for our vacation and I started crying in the airport due to still bleeding heavily from the surgeries and just crying for no reason that I knew of, besides maybe pure frustration with all of this mess. I went in the bathroom and tore that thing off. I stopped bleeding within a day of taking that patch off and not taking any estrogen not even my cream, thinking maybe this was why I wouldn’t stop bleeding. In stopping my estrogen my hot flashes came back and once again…with a vengeance even worse than the last.

I am happy to say right now that I have found an awesome, awesome doctor here in Houston and she’s doing everything I had read about and was hoping the other doctors would do. First of all, she listened to me and then gave me her feedback and thoughts in a very sweet manner not in the “I am God and I know all, I have been doing this for 30 years”, way the others had done. She believes it’s my hormones that are keeping my libido down and it’s not all in my head as I was told before and the weight gain is not the doomed fate of all menopausal women. She said you just have to get your hormones exactly right and we just haven’t done that yet. You have no idea how much I wanted to jump up and hug and kiss this woman, hahaha.  She is starting with me upping my progesterone and keeping my estrogen where it was, then in 2 weeks changing the estrogen to half of what I was doing and so on. She wants to try to ween me off estrogen altogether which is what I wanted in the first place.
I have lost 6 lbs. I have also watched my soy intake or anything that might have extra estrogen in it such as plastic drinking bottles, pesticides on fruit. I just wash my stuff or buy organic if I can. I also exercise 5 times a week now at home with T25 and some yoga and pilates thrown in once in a while. The T25 is great because there’s a modifier which a lot of us need…including me( I also had sciatica and back surgery in 2011, yes I know, I’m a hot mess, lol).

All  in all, I know this is a lot to take in at first so I’m sorry if I babbled on and on but I wanted to get as much out there from the beginning so if anybody is going through this and has questions they can see all that I have gone through and know they aren’t alone in this. The picture I chose of the squirrel is actually what I have looked like one to many times these last few months. Picture me as the squirrel and the concrete as the kitchen tile floor. I had to stop because I was sticking to it, hahaha. What hot flashes will do to a perfectly sane women. Just remember…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

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